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Beautiful Mix of Traditional Celtic and Newgrass Americana – Nusi Dekker, Local Music

"San Francisco resident Liz Ryder has used her worldly experiences to create amazing musical compositions that combine Old English and Celtic traditional folk styles with contemporary Americana and Newgrass. With her soaring Joan Baez-like vocals and lyrics which mesmerize, she holds the rapt attention of the audience whenever she plays."


Engaging Show – Mike Parrot, FAB Folk Club

"In my opinion Liz is a highly skilled performer who, in a similar manner to a champion ice-skater, makes her note-perfect playing and singing appear effortless."

Liz Ryder opens for Steve Tilston – Allan Wilkinson, Doncaster Folk Club

"Liz Ryder captivated the audience, the organizers, this reviewer, and I dare say Steve himself with her gentle and delicate songs."


Sidmouth Festival Review – Sidmouth Folk Festival

"Hauntingly familiar but at the same time excitingly original."


Skyline EP Review – Alex Lawson, Sandman Magazine, Sheffield UK

"Her voice certainly has a haunting quality tipified by the likes of Joni Mitchell."


Liz Ryder – Acoustic Routes

"Her multi-instrumental skills add atmosphere and texture to her solo work, and her distinctive, bell-like vocals easily encompass the demands of her varied material."

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