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My Musical 2017: Festivals, Comrades, and New Songs...

Well, at the beginning of this year I said I would try to keep up with regular blogging. That didn't happen at all, but I have been rather busy playing some exciting, blog-worthy solo shows and performing with Side-wheeler String Band, as well as co-forming Rayleigh Scattering with my fellow Side-wheeler bandmate Adrian Baxmeyer, and Pikeys drummer, Patrick Hennessey.

I had some unforgettable experiences this year, including being invited to perform as a finalist at two major festivals in Colorado, meeting some incredible musicians, and writing and co-writing lots of fresh material.

I'll try and address all the important parts/people/places!

The Acoustic Den

Firstly, 2017 wouldn't have been the same without The Acoustic Den Cafe in Roseville, CA. It has been somewhat of a musical home for me, and Side-wheeler this year; the owner, Preston Stepper, has created a wonderful base for the music community, hosting local and touring musicians, and building a reputation as a valuable and supportive venue. Thank you Preston for all you have done for local music!

Please check out for more info!

Side-wheeler String Band

I joined Ken, Josh, and Adrian as a harpist, singer, bouzouki and banjo player back in January, and it's been an awesome, busy year of shows, sometimes playing up to 3 in a weekend. I'm so glad I joined such a great group of musicians and friends; I have learned so much new material, and laughed a whole lot (and I needed to dust off the harp and get better at it again, so it's been very good for me, too).

Rayleigh Scattering

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone, and co-founded an electric folk band with my Side-wheeler bandmate, Adrian Baxmeyer, and drummer of Sacramento band The Pikeys, Patrick Hennessey. I have really enjoyed co-writing new songs with Adrian and setting parts with Patrick; we have even worked on integrating sound design into our set which is really exciting, not to mention musically challenging and fulfilling. We played our debut at Porchfest (videos can be found on our YouTube channel) and as we build our set, we will be playing more gigs in 2018.

Telluride Festival!

Back in June I was lucky enough to be picked as one of ten troubadour finalists to travel and perform at Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado. I got to sing my songs in front of hundreds of festival-goers at this amazing venue. It was such an honor to be amongst such wonderful songwriters! And thanks to my good friend Kelly for putting up with the 16-hours-drive-each-way journey; I can't tell you how much I appreciated your support in this adventure :D

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival

If Telluride wasn't enough of an adventure, in August, I was invited to perform at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Colorado as a songwriter showcase finalist! Again, I had the pleasure of performing on another great festival main stage amongst other wonderful (and some of the same) musicians. Thanks to Adrian Baxmeyer for the pictures, videos, and everlasting support! <3

Gigs, gigs, gigs...

Thanks to the numerous venues that let me share my music this year, and to the musicians who shared their music, time, and energy with me! It's been pretty unforgettable. Maybe next year I will finally finish that album! On to 2018!

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